Monday, November 19, 2012


Carter is playing basketball at our local YMCA. Coaching 3-year-old basketball is totally an exercise in managing mass chaos. And the kids are kind of adorable. When they play a game, the coaches really just have the kids stand on marks on the floor (Xs for offense, Os for defence), the pass the ball to every position and then shoot. Then run down to the other end and stand on the marks so that the other team can have a turn to shoot. Managed chaos.

Carter loves basketball, except for the parts where he has to share the ball, or pass the ball, or someone else gets the ball... we're working on the sportsmanship part of the game. Althought I know of a few NBA players who might fit the Carter mold... Anyway, pictures... thats why I blog, right? As a platform to show the grandma's more pictures. :)

Now, if you know anything about Carter, you know he's pretty darn good at basketball for a little kid. Started practicing pretty religiously about 2 years ago... :) 

 Dribbling during practice. He's pretty good. Usually gets 5 or 6 bounces before losing it.

 Pouting... he was the first kid to get the ball at the beginning of the game and he did NOT want to pass it...

 Second time on offense he got the ball last and got to shoot..

 I'll save you the suspense, since my camera decided it needed to refocus just after this picture: he made it. :) He was very proud of himself.

Passing the ball. You can kinda see how this works. Coaches arrange them properly, then tell them who to pass to (or demonstrate "hands up" for defense). If the wrong team gets the ball on a pass, they give it to the right team. And no one keeps score... :)

Carter made 2 shots and 2 rebounds on Saturday. He was a pretty happy kid... once he got past the fact that its not "Carter-ball".

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Kari said...

I don't know, Carter-ball seems like a perfectly acceptable name to me. (: