Friday, June 22, 2012

PreSchool Graduation

Allison has "graduated" from preschool. I'm really not quite sure what that's supposed to mean, except that I have a child headed for REAL school in the fall, for which I cannot possibly be old enough.

Her preschool held a fun little graduation celebration with carnival-like games and a few bouncy houses to celebrate the occasion. It was pretty fun...

 Carter playing their hoops game, which he totally owned... 

 Allison looking cute. :) 

 Look! Proof that I was there! Ignore the gery band on the side... I'm still having disagreements with my camera. I'm pretty sure it know the threats of replacement are empty, since what I WANT isn't cheap...

 Seated for her graduation.

 Saying the Pledge of Allegience

Receiving her certificate. 

And we are now just one short summer away from starting Kindergarten. And if I play my cards right, I could get down to one kids for 5 whole hours each week starting this fall. :)

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