Monday, April 16, 2012

Nerd Chic

Carter picked his own clothes for church yesterday.

I'm kind of loving the plaid on plaid action. Totally geek chic, which works in this family. Get this kid a pair of Buddy Holly glasses! :)


Mellifluous Mommy said...

I think you should start a line of clothing called "Nerd Chic". Maybe SRC and Lockheed could open up little gift shops on-site where the engineers could pick out dad/child matching outfits? After all, I happen to know a little boy coming along before too long who, if genetics are any indication, will almost certainly be into plain-on-plaid... :)

BeckyMc said...

I've never heard of "nerd-chic", but being married to an engineer for 34 years, I knew EXACTLY what it meant the minute I saw it. Carter looks adorable, and very, very smart!