Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Someone turned three!

Carter is three! Here's some snapshots into the fun-filled day we had yesterday!

Cute basketball cupcakes... thank you, Pinterest!

Playing "Pin the Basketball in the Hoop"

Watching a movie with friends at his party

Happy Birthday dinner! And can anyone guess what this kids favorite sport still is?

Yay... teeball gear!

Carter is definantly all boy... yesterday we gave him the teeball set, the smallest baseball glove I could find, a kid-sized soccer goal and a bike. All outdoor, sports toys. And, now that he'd three, we'll be looking for a community rec sport for him to participate in. Really, I just need to bite the bullet and cough up the cash to join our local YMCA. Kid-free workout time for mom, swim lessons for kids plus sports for Carter is well worth the monthly fee... I'm just still stuck in sticker-shock mode.


AmareeBlanchard said...

Love the basketball theme. How cute!

Emily said...

Fun party. He looks SO happy :)

cbleeflang said...

cute party-way to go!