Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bean Bag Chairs

Remember how I said I would really like to be able to find the time in my life to do a project every week?

Well... I have a newborn... so I'm sure I wasn't really thinking quite so clearly when I said that. But in the last 9 weeks I have accomplished a thing or two outside of nursing, laundry and cooking. I just haven't had the time or motivation to take pictures and blog them. But finally, you get some proof.

My kids got beanbag chairs!

I made both out of upholstery micofiber. The pink was off of JoAnn's red tag table during a 50% off sale (I think I got it for $4.50/yard) and the tan is leftovers from when I reupholstered a recliner something like 6 years ago. I still have bunches of leftovers (I initially bought enough to slipcover a couch that we no longer own... I never got brave enough for that project), so when I get around to recovering the glider, you'll see that fabric again.

I used this tutorial and generally liked how it turned out. I put zippers in instead of velcro, however, which I liked a lot better than the way the velcro behaved. Someday, if I'm really ambitious I'm going to dye Carter's dark brown and put ribbon on it to look like football threads.

The kids like them, and I like that these provide a cozy little reading spot... it makes me feel like a good mom to be encouraging them to read. And once I get some book slings up on that wall behind Allison she'll have a great little book nook. Carter doesn't get books in his room yet (not until he can be responsible enough to not read at 2 am, which is what happened last time we let him have books in his room), but hopefully soon.

Oh, and in care you're wondering, I found the bags of fill at Target during back-to-school time. 100 L bags were $5, and I used almost 3 bags to fill both chairs.


chapfan said...

I remember thinking that you are amazing and super ambitious when you stated that. :) Those beanbags are awesome!! I've been thinking about getting some for the boys for TV time, and maybe now I'll make some instead.... someday. Like, when we have a bigger house and there is room for beanbags somewhere.

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