Monday, February 28, 2011

Allison the Stylist strikes again

Crafter's UFO Month: guidelines & my list

Who's ready to join me for UFO month?

Here are the guidelines:
First, Post a list of your current UFOs that you'll be trying to accomplish this month. You can post it in the comments or on your own blog and link up here below.

For each UFO you finish, you'll do a blog post (or post in the comments if you don't have a blog). In each post please try to include:
*A before picture (as in what your UFO looks like right now)
*how long its been a UFO
*how long it took you to finish it
*an after picture

I'll post a Mr. Linky tomorrow that you can link your individual project posts up to. It will stay at the top of my blog all month long.

After the month is over, do a summary post. Let me know how you did and what you accomplished... and how you're rewarding yourself for finishing some UFOs. When the month is over, I'll do a drawing for a $10 JoAnn's gift card that I'll send to one UFO Challenge Month participant.

I, personally, have a ridiculous number of UFOs. They jump out of nearly any closet or drawer that I open and attack me yelling "finish me!"

By the way, I consider mending projects to totally count, becuase they inflict the same kind of mental & physical clutter as any other UFO.

Anyway... here's my list, in no particular order:

Pink stripe skirt
Peeps wreath
Quiet book
Mending/fitting black skirt for Allison
Fitting/lining white skirt for me
Refashioning a sweater dress
Red slinky knit skirt
Grapevine wreath
ABC wall (which I might change all together...)
Carter's crochet baby blanket
Line Carter's curtains
Nauvoo Temple cross-stitch
Easter baskets
Easter dress (items purchased, this is low priority since Easter's late this year)
Dress shirt (again, only have items purchased)

I'm SURE that I'm missing something off this list. If I can accomplish "enough" (who knows how much that is) this month I'll reward myself with starting a new project (of course!). Probably 2... I want to do my award ribbon keepsake quilt and decorate Allison's room (for which I have a full vision).

How about you? What's on your UFO list? Be sure to link up!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Allison the Stylist

Every night before bed Allison picks out her outfit for tomorrow. We're talking the whole shebang... soup to nuts, panties to accessories.

Sometimes Allison changes her mind after we've left the room. Apparently last night she was REALLY indesicive. Here's what we found when we checked on her to turn off her lights (guess who's refuses to fall asleep with the light off...)

Thats 5 outfits, all picked out and ready for choosing. And do you see her crashed out on her bed back there? Apparently styling your own outfits is exhausting work!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A completion and too many UFOs

Wanna know what football and crafting have in common? Completions are good, incompletions are bad.

Here's my best completion for the month of January: a t-shirt quilt!

I (and my mom) have been saving t-shirt for years. I mean, YEARS. There are lots of t-shirts from junior high and high school on here, but theres more: one from a progam at school in the 4th grade, one from going to Disney when I was 8, one from a play I did in the 2nd grade... this quilt is packratting put to good use, I guess. I think that this quilt (or something like it) was really the purpose of saving all these shirts. Its was a someday project for my mom that became my project.

This thing is huge. Like, twin sized wide, but half again as long as a standard twin. But that makes it great for cuddling on the couch, which is what we'll be using it for most, I'm sure. Our kids love cuddling under quilts to watch movies and read books.

Sadly, for every crafting completion, I have 2 or 3 UFOs. This t-shirt quilt spent a good 3 months in UFO status. Do you have any UFOs? Need some clarification? UFO... UnFinished Object. I know that I have TONS of them. Off the top of my head:

*painting the playroom
*ABC wall for the playroom
*Grapevine wreath for front door
*Quiet book for Carter
*crochet baby blanket for Carter (that I started while pregnant!)
*white dressy shirt for Allison
*tweed Easter dress for Allison (with that fabric that spoke to me...)

The only projects I've already purchased supplies for count as UFOs in my mind. Which is probably good, becuase if I had to count all the things in my head that I WANT to do... thats a much bigger list...

So I was thinking maybe I needed to have a challenge month. Anyone interested in an "Out With the UFOs" challenge? Let me know... I think, even if no one else needs to, I really need to challenge myself to get them finished. But really, all I want to do is start on something new.