Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things you forget between babies

1) Nursing makes you ravenous all the time. If its slower than me, I'll eat it. Good thing my big kids are fast movers. :)

2) The "baby" you left at home will be HUGE when you get back home with the new baby. I swear Carter grew 4 inches and gained 20 pounds while I was in the hospital. He's so big now!

3) Hormones and your big kids will make you cry for no good reason. Carter had a major melt-down on Monday (he was frustrated with a computer game, and over-tired and probably not knowing how to cope with being a little mad at me for being gone for 3 days and confused by his new role of big brother and "not the baby anymore") that had both me and him reduced to a puddle of tears. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to cry while I read books like "The Little Dump Truck" and "Monster Trucks"... books that would not make a sane person cry. Ever.

4) Dozing with a newborn snuggled onto you chest falls pretty darned high on the "best thing ever" list.

5) Having a baby makes everything take longer than it should. And you have less time to manage it all because, inevitably, the second your 2/3rds through your errands, its time to eat.

Oh... and the one I forgot earlier...

6) the Boppy really is the best baby product ever. Makes for easier nursing, easier sibling baby-holding, easy place to safely put baby for a snooze... I forgot how much I love my Boppy and how much MORE useful I found it with a 2nd (and how 3rd!) baby.


cbleeflang said...

Lindsay is lovely and I'm glad you are home safe and sound. I obviously don't know what motherhood is like but I laughed at your 5 points.

chapfan said...

Amen Sister! All I can say is, take every doze with that newborn you can, because they don't stay that size for very long. At three months, we're done with that stage, and it certainly was not long enough.

Is it crazy that I'm jealous of your tiny baby??? Mine is growing too fast. Love her!!