Saturday, November 27, 2010


I keep feeling like I should update, but I don't have anything much to say. So... here's a little summary of the last few weeks.

*I hit the post-Halloween clearance sale hard at Target. My kids now have lots of cute dress-up clothes.

*Two kids, three ear infections, and a newly discovered penicillin allergy. Not so fun.

*A lovely Thanksgiving, of which I have no pictures. We got together with two other families with small kids, all from out west with no family to speak of this far east. It was fun, it was nice, and I didn't have to host (read: I didn't have to clean my house), so it was relaxing too.

*Christmas crafts. I LOVE my new wreath. Wanna make one? Its just a wreath form (mine's straw, and don't look too close... you can kind of see it in some spots!) and a whole lot of Dollar Tree ornaments (I got the ones that come in tubes) and even more hot glue. Which, by the way, I bought another hot glue gun. The mini I got last time just wasn't doing it for me any longer, so I went with heavy duty. And its pretty much awesome. I think I could do a whole post on how awesome that glue gun is...

*Lots of shopping. I'm pretty sure that I'm going a little overboard. Its not hard to do... this is our first year with a real job and shopping is fun. I console myself by say that the slight overspending is okay, because I can write off anything I end up donating to Toys for Tots.

*Decorating for Christmas. My kids are a little Christmas decor crazy. Carter points to every tree-like object (including the garland) and shouts "Te-mas Tee!", and Allison has this unexplained compulsion to decorate every single Christmas tree she sees. Target has some very nicely decorated mini-trees in the seasonal aisle. We still haven't gotten our tree (hopefully tomorrow!), so I'll post pictures when that gets up.

On a completely unrelated note, I realized today that Carter is exactly the age that Allison was when Carter was born. They are different kids to say the least. And its a good thing Allison was first, becuase I'm pretty sure that had Carter been first, my chances of surviving motherhood this long would have been pretty non-existant.

Most days I generally feel like I'm going to go crazy, which is a bad sign, since we're only about 10 days into "its-too-cold-to-go-outside-at-all" kind of weather, and theres a long winter ahead of us. I really miss the days where Allison napped. A few months ago I even decided to quit forcing quiet time on her, becuase it took less effort to let her watch a movie instead. But now I'm thinking that I might have to force the issue again, because I think I really need an hour a day of unassaulted quiet time. And I don't think its too much to ask either.


AnnalisaG said...

Oh, I love love love your wreath! And I hear you on the quiet time thing. I did the same thing and started letting them watch a movie. If you come up with a better solution that works, pass along the advice :).

Emily said...

Your wreath is amazing! I think using glue guns and staple guns are as exciting to crafters as power tools are to builders. I love them!

Kate said...

Very cute wreath! Yes ever mom needs some quiet.