Monday, April 19, 2010

Ten Reasons I Love My House

10) Its 4 bedrooms. That means theres space for kids to be in their own rooms, space for my to have a sewing & crafty room...

9) Its in a great, friendly, low-traffic neighborhood where we can take walks, talk to the neighbors and play with the other kids.

8) A yard for my kids to play in. By themselves, if I want. That we don't have share with anyone else.

7) STORAGE!!! Not only does this place have an whole unfinished basement (with AWESOME food-storage shelving), but it has AWESOME, HUGE closets. With lots of space for clothes, and linens, and seasonal items... *sigh* =)

6) A fireplace. Sounds nice for our long, cold, VERY snowy winters.

5) Appliances that work the way they're supposed to (we have quite the history with not-so-great appliances in our past rentals)

4) Master bath. Granted... we're not exactly using it yet, but we will... once we get the shower doors moved out of the kids' bathroom. Cause who wants to bathe kids in a tub with doors on it?

3) Nice big kitchen with beautiful corian countertops. Good cabinet space, good counter space.

2) A playroom! Yes... a WHOLE ROOM just for the kids' toys for them to make what-so-ever messes they may, without making a mess of my whole house. Bliss!

1) Its mine... and if I decide that theres something I don't love about it, I can change it (or, at least tell Brian to change it).

Pictures to come soon(ish), I promise. Just let me find a few minutes (or a miracle) of neat and tidy rooms...


Barbaloot said...

How exciting, Rosie! Glad you're enjoying it and I'm looking forward to pictures:)

Emily said...

Don't you wonder how you managed in such small spaces all these years once you get in your own big place? It sounds wonderful! I really can't wait to see pictures - neat and tidy or not.

Cathi said...

Hi Thornocks-

Yes, I've been blog stocking. Well, actually I'm trying to make our son, Mark, a very badly sewn quiet book and saw the link to your blog. Anyway, Bryce isn't always the best at keeping in touch, but if you're ever down visiting DC or Baltimore, we'd love to see you--we're in the NW Baltimore area. Hope things are well. I can't believe how old Allison is!!