Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear April 6th

As I'm sure you know, you are the date we selected in our real estate contract to close on our house. There are many reasons that we feel like you are, in general, a great date.

1) You fall in the 2nd qaurter of the year, which is decidely spring. Spring is always wonderful, and so are you by association.
2) Easter generally falls near you (as it does this year). We like Easter.
3) An important event, dear to our hearts and of great religious import to us, happened upon you nearly 200 years ago. It even happened not far from where we're now living.

We feel that soon we will be able to add the purchase of our first home to the list of reasons why we love April 6th. However, dear 6th of April, we have one small complant...

Could you hurry it up? We're anxious to see you... and maybe getting the keys to our house has something to do with it too...

We would appreciate you taking our request into your consideration.


The Thornock Family

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