Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I wish I had pictures. I'm sure I some point I will, but right now I'm too lazy to find my camera. Here are some fun new updates on life here at the McKee Compound:
  • Emily got married on Saturday. YAY!!!
  • The wedding is now over. YAY!!! No more wedding stress. YAY!!!!!
  • Carter is a crazy good army crawler and is teaching himself how to crawl for real. He can make it onto his and and knees, and can move his knees, but has trouble with the hands part.
  • Carter is fully weaned. YAY!!!! (He started biting.)
  • Allison's toe has healed, but still looks pretty ugly. It'll be a while before she has pretty feet again.
  • Allison loves the playland kid care at Fred Meyer so I get to grocery shop with just one kid... and the one that doesn't scream or cry or beg for things. Its a very strange sensation.

And I guess this one deserves its own space... not just a bullet point.

Brian has a face-to-face interview with a company in Syracuse (yes, in Upstate New York... across the lake from Canada). They are flying BOTH of us out week after next for several days to interview and see the area.

And we get to leave the kids behind.



Steph said...

I'll be praying the interview goes well!

Christie said...

I hope the interview went well, we've been thinking about you guys all weekend!

Rachel Doyle said...

Yea-- for you! I hope all is well - Life is crazy here but we are coping. Hope you can say the same. Merry Christmas!