Friday, July 24, 2009


My baby is 2! Happy birthday, sweet pea!
The cute castle cake I made her. It should have been double layers on everything, but I didn't want to make that much cake. =) She LOVED the princesses on her cake.
Look at that happy face!
Opening presents... she's getting good at that.
On her new bike... she loves it!


Anonymous said...

Adorable! What a cute cake, and Allison looks soooo Happy! Hope she enjoys the new bike. She LOOKS Fabulous on it, and that's important!

Thad and Julie said...

The cake turned out cute! I won't show Savannah the would create problems. Great idea to add them though!
Happy Birthday to Allison!

Mom T. said...

THat photo of her looking at the cake--it's the first photo I've seen of her that looks the least bit like Brian. I was wondering if she had any Thornock genes in her.
The cake is so cute and clever.

Kate said...

Looks like she had a fun birthday. That's great. Funny, we ended up getting Jimmie a bike (trike) for his birthday too. We opted for a dinosaur cake, but nice work on the castle with princesses cake. Looks like she loved it!

Susan said...

She is so big and cute too! And what a cute cake!

Shelley said...

Awesome cake!!! Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a very cute cake and she is cute too, happy birthday and keep rocking.


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