Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pay it Forward

So I've seen this idea on a few blogs... decided to go for it.

First three people to comment on this post will get SOMETHING from me SOMETIME before the end of the year. Who knows when or what, but something sometime. Its like a random act of kindness thing. Catch is, you have to offer on your blog this same pay it forward deal. Spread some love. =)


Mike said...

Bummer. Does this mean that because I don't have a blog I can't receive the goods? Or pay it forward some other way? We just watched the edited movie, Pay it Forward, too.
Sure love you!
Mom T.

Rosie said...

hmm... Brian suggest you do this on your weekly email letter. That would work for me... I'm pretty sure more people read your letter than my blog anyway. =) So, sit back and wait!