Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We took Allison trick-or-treating at the mall. She LOVED picking up the candy and putting it in her little pumpkin bucket and, even though she was very tired, she had a blast!

Once she got a few peices of candy she thought she was done... she wanted to sit down and play with her bucket and two peices of candy. It was too cute.

She also loved that she managed to get her hands on a sucker, get it open and eat most of the way through it. Mmmm... yummy mess for mommy and daddy to clean up!
Happy Halloween! Hope you had a fun and safe one!


Vanessa said...

she is adorable rosie! don't you love it when they get it for the first time! once the concept is there...lets just eat what we have and then move one! glad you had are you feeling??!

Marc and Lori Johnson said...

What a doll! She is so cute! I am glad that she had a fun halloween!

Mike said...

Of course she's cute!! She's related to us! And her other grandparents, of course, are big contributors to her gene pool. Rosie, enjoy it while you can....she'll want more where that candy came from soon enough.

Have you seen Ash's photos of their costumes?

Stephenie said...

She is adorable, Rosie!