Friday, May 9, 2008

A Multiplicity of Milestones

The last few days and weeks have been red-letter in the Thornock house. Allison reached so many milestones in the last two weeks! Here are just some of the things we have enjoyed experiencing the last little while:
  • Learning to army crawl! My baby is now mobile, even though she looks gimpy doing it.

  • Clapping! You'll have to see the end of the crawling video for this one... she refuses to clap if she knows I'm trying to get her clapping on flim. =)

  • Cutting her bottom two teeth, FINALLY! They just barely cut through between bedtime last night and wake-up time this morning. No photo for this one... but I know at least one is there... she bit me while I was trying to fish something out of her mouth. =)

  • Pulling up! My baby can now interrupt her sleep by using her crib rail to pull up and stand! Guess I'd better go lower that crib mattress again...

I can't believe how big and grown up my little girl is getting to be... I wonder who gave her permission to do that, becuase I'm pretty sure I didn't!


April said...

Yeah Allison! Congrats on the new things you are learning!

Brian said...

My little girl is growing so fast without me there.

emruth said...

SHe is getting so big and she is adorable!!!! The first is not allowed, the second will never leave. Too cute!

Stephenie said...

Aww, Rosie, she is so cute! And growing up rather quickly!

Anonymous said...

she is just to cute--- she can move pretty fast with one arm and leg... now thats impressive. Are you ready to be done with school??? Rosie-- Somedays I just want to bang my head on the wall. Elementary kids are psychotic around this time of year--- I swear that Jr. high kids are much better behaved at this time then my kiddos at school! I miss my little "angels" at lehi. Hope all is well with you ! Have fun in Berlin
_laura weight
Sorry my gmail thing isn't working, so I can't log on as my name