Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Do List

  • Book visual estimates with moving companies & pick a company.
  • Find & book space with an auto-transport company.
  • Pack the stuff in the house back up into boxes.
  • Find a real-estate agent to help us find a rental.
  • Buy 4 one-way plane tickets to Syracuse.

Yep... thats right. Brian got the job. We're moving to New York.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

There are two two-year-olds living at my parent's house right now. And they love Christmas trees. We started decorating today, and my mom loves her granddaughters enough to give up her pretty, perfect tree and allow them to "help" her decorate it, which means no breakable ornaments, lots of ornamnets placed down low and pretty poor ornament distrubution. They had a blast. Here are just a few pictures of Allison and her cousin Emma decorating the Christmas tree.

They had a favorite branch...

They were very particular about their placement...

Reach, reach, reach...
I really do think that the holidays only get more fun and more magical when children join your family and start to understand and enjoy the season themselves.

An Almost-Crawling Carter

Carter is so close to crawling! I'm actually a little surprised he hasn't figured it out completely yet. He's got a crazy fast army crawl and can get into crawl position and move his knees... he just can't figure the hands out yet.

Lately he's been pushing up into downward-facing dog position... I think he's trying to build strengthen in his arms.

Its a little hard to tell in this photo, but he's on his toes, not his knees.

Isn't he a handsome kid?