Saturday, September 27, 2008

New PJs

We've been having trouble finding fall/winter PJs for Allison lately. She's small baby, so even though she's 14 months, she's only wearing size 9 months at most. The problem with PJs is that they don't put grippers on the feeties until size 12 months, which look about twice as big as Allison is. What are we to do?

Its Grandma to the rescue! My mom made Allison 4 pairs of PJs that fit PERFECTLY and are so cute. Allison loves them and so do we. Thanks, Grandma!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Haircut

Last week I finally bit the bullet and got Allison her first hair cut. This little girls has SO much hair and its getting so long. I wanted to avoid the childhood mullet, so we cut it off at the nape of her neck to give the rest of her hair time to catch up and get all one length. We cut bangs too... her hair was just so long on top and it falls forward. They're a little short, but cute when side swept. What do you think?

On another subject, I had my 12 week doctors appointment yesterday. My doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat so we got to do an ultrasound instead. Baby is fine... was active and bouncing around in there... just playing hide and seek right behind my big abdominal vein. In theory we'll find out the gender in 8 weeks. =)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Unexpected Souvenir

Well... I'm ready to spill the beans. Brian and I apparently made our way home from Europe with a little surprise souvenir...

Yep... Thats right. We are having another baby this spring. Currently 11 weeks along... Due April 1st. Two under two... I'm mildy terrified.